Are We Really Intelligent?

People adhere to what they understand. As a result, complex issues remain unresolved.

It is agreed by many that intelligence is the general ability to reason and solve problems. Smart beings figure things out. Learning from experience is also part of being intelligent. According to the above definition we could state that the human species is intelligent. But so are chimpanzees. So is my cat.

Are we really intelligent?

A smart being should make smart decisions, and if need be, learn from mistakes. This is not the case among humans. The logic of the dumb prevails.

Real intelligence is the ability to understand complex issues and provide answers to fix problems effectively. How can we reduce unemployment? How do we deal with the environmental mess? What about population obesity? How can we eradicate poverty, famine and violence in many regions of the world?

These complex issues remain unresolved. Are we dumb?

Politicians, in order to be followed, need to make sense. People are more likely to adhere to what they understand. This is why politicians turn complex issues into simple ones. The logic for the mass must be simple. It’s the tyranny of the herd. As a result, politicians come up with simple solutions, even though they know they won’t provide any results. Politicians won’t do what voters don’t understand.

Politicians are not morons - at least some of them. They know well what to do to resolve today’s complex issues. But they don’t do it. They just lack the courage to tackle the problems. They also lack leadership and long-term vision. It’s the ballot-box syndrome. Voters can kick them out every four years. As a result, it’s the herd leading the shepherd.

The net result is that complex issues remain unsolved. The human species is not as clever as we thought. It is rather dumb. Sometimes I think orangutans would score higher on IQ tests than we would.


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