Big Fat America

Do you want to loose weight? I’ll tell you how.

36% of the adult population in the US is obese. Almost 70% of adults - that includes the obese - are overweight (1). Furthermore, obesity is also prevalent among American children.

Obesity is traditionally considered a public health hazard. As America’s obesity epidemic grows, some military analysts are even warning that it is threating America’s national security itself.

More worrisome; statistics show that this obesity trend is increasing.

The US is not the only one affected by the epidemic. Populations in many other countries such as Mexico or Saudi Arabia are victims as well.

Two main reasons are suggested; food and a sedentary lifestyle.  Maintaining a healthy weight is just a matter of a healthy energy balance. The math seems simple; our daily energy intake must equal our energy consumption. If I eat many doughnuts and walk very little chances are I am overweight.

Many argue that the problem is in the genetics. After all human metabolism is designed to store fat to survive during times of famine. Right!! Just have a look at the black and white pictures of great-grandpa and great-grandma. Wow!!! We should not forget that back then people could not afford an ice cream a day.

American shopping carts may give us some clues. Some people don’t even know where cucumbers, garbanzo-beans, beefsteaks and other prone-to-rot products are sold. Some don’t even know they exist.

This is my tip: drink water, eat real food, grow thin.

Our brain takes up to 20% of our energy consumption. May be that’s where the energy imbalance lies. We are not using it often enough.


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  1. Some might argue that the orthodox belief and even doctrine on what's healthy and what's not (not just in terms of obesity but also heart disease risk) has led much of the population towards sugar rich diets.

    My personal take is that while it is true we as a whole need to go back to the origins (the Paleo diet is an example albeit a little extreme for my taste), it is also the amount of food we are ingesting that may be causing the greatest harm.
    Using your same example, I'm sure our great grandparents ate not only healthier, but also way less amount than we now do.

    Food for thought (no pun intended): and


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