Satemen Versus Politians

How can we improve democracy? Let’s toss the ballot box. Sumo Wrestling provides much better congressmen and women.

Statesmen are people who honestly seek the public welfare. They are willing to tell the truth to the public. They are also the ones willing to stand up against powerful corporations.  Politicians, on the other hand, state half-truths and conceal the inconvenient side of the story. Furthermore, they put first the vested interests of their powerful sponsors 1.

Most of our elected members of Congress are politicians, very few are statesmen. How come?

We find crooks, cheaters and liars in every corner of society; men and women, rich and poor, ignorant and educated, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans. As a result, honesty and dishonesty are evenly distributed among most professions: engineers, priests, prostitutes, salespeople, farmers, truck drivers, flaggers…

This is not the case with politics. There must be something wrong in the way we choose our representatives. It attracts too many thugs, more than average.

The key difference with other professions lies in the reelection issue. A doctor is a doctor for life; politicians must face some sort of Russian roulette every now and then. The day of the elections, it’s all or nothing.

The alternation of power is the beauty of democracy, but it also comes with the flip side of the coin. Politicians are just regular folks with mortgage payments and school tuition fees to pay. Politicians need to ensure the wellbeing of their families. As a result, faced with the reelection campaign, many succumb to the vested interests of their powerful sponsors.

The entanglement of economic and political powers seldom does any good to the general public. Economic power must be kept as far as possible from Congress’ front door. If we want to change the profile of our representatives we must change the way we choose them.  I propose the following:
  1. Establishing a maximum of 8 years in any public office
  2. incorporating 25% of representatives – citizens chosen at random – for each vote in Congress, like jury duty but in the legislature
  3. Capping the maximum donation per individual to a maximum of 100 US dollars
  4. Providing a good pension to politicians after leaving office: you did well, thank you
We must improve the way we elect our representatives in Washington. If none of the above works, sumo wrestling will do it.

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  1. But you are talking about USA, what about your own country?, where the problem is much bigger. Apolo


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